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David and Renate Sorensen

David and Renate Sorensen have a deep passion for the heart of God. Their deepest desire is to know God’s heart and let His heart be made known to this world. They long to see the desires of God fulfilled in His people.

David has written several books (in Dutch) that contain only words from God, prophetic words. These are not books written by a man who talks about God, but in these books God Himself is speaking to His beloved people, through the gift of prophecy. People experience the passion of God in a truly life changing way.

David and Renate long to see the voice of God released to His people all over the world, so that His precious children become free and more fruitful than they could ever image.

David and Renate host Sound of Heaven conferences, where nothing is programmed, but everything is inspired by the holy Spirit: all songs and messages come from the heart of God, brand new, fresh, full of life. People enter into a freedom they never knew existed, amazing healing miracles take place, and many get a deeper experience of the reality of Jesus Christ. They believe it is the desire of God to dwell fully in His people. When people however are controlled by programs and traditions, God is limited.

The plan of God for His people is to bring heaven on earth, to bring the sounds of heaven on the earth, to make us His dwelling place, His New Jerusalem, from where He will bring His glory to the earth.

We encourage you to take plenty of time to soak in the presence and heartbeat of God, through the video’s you find on this website.

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David and Renate are creative people, who have designed a collection of prophetic Christian posters. Many people have testified how God has healed and delivered them through these works of inspired Christian art. Some people even saw angels walk into a room, through one of these artworks. The poster was literally a portal from the heavenly realm to earth!

You can see the posters on the website www.GloryPosters.com