Who is David Sorensen?

David Sorensen

David Sorensen has been in prophetic ministry for almost fifteen years and has been a radical follower of Jesus Christ for twenty-five years. His desire is to see God as He truly is, not blinded by the religious mindsets that has crept into the Church during the past centuries. Davids greatest dream is to see the dream of God fulfilled in this world.

Most of his life David had a very serious stammering problem. His stutter was so severe that one day he tried to give a testimony in church, and a lady told his mother afterwards: ‘Will you tell David to never do this again? I didn’t understand one single word he was saying’. Sometimes David went to a shop and tried to buy something, but came back with other products, because he could not say the right word.

So preaching was the very last thing on his mind…

But then he was invited by a friend to a charismatic church in Belgium, where he started experiencing the strong love of Jesus Christ through the presence of the Holy Spirit. He had deep encounters with God that brought deep inner healing and freedom.

Often during worship he suddenly felt that God gave him a word for the congregation, to encourage people. He trembled with fear, but stepped out in faith and when he shared these words, he did not stammer.

People were saved, healed and transformed through the word of the Lord.

In the years that followed the Lord led David to several nations, where he was asked to preach. The presence and power of God started coming on people, when David opened his mouth. He knew: ‘I cannot speak, there is nothing I can do, I am weak and 100% dependent on You Lord…’ This dependancy trained him in radical obedience and surrender to the presence and working of the Holy Spirit. Now his speech is completely healed and he can even speak normally when he is not preaching.

For many years David heard that he is called as a prophet. This has been confirmed by noumerous other prophets and apostles. The last few years the Lord has shifted David into a new dimension, of the apostolic,  where the Lord is using him to bring breakthrough in many area’s of the Church and the world. His ministry is bringing thousands of people to the Lord and he is a forerunner in many things of the Spirit. Many have called him a ‘John the Baptist’ calling in the wilderness to prepare the hearts of people for the glory of Jesus Christ.

The cry of his heart is to see the heartcry of God fulfilled in this earth and see the Church become the habitation of the presence of God, that she is destined to be.

Many are looking for the return of Jesus Christ, but He is looking for people where He can dwell right here and now, with His glorious presence.

There is however too much structure, man-made programs, carnal theology, control, religion and tradition instead of holy Spirit. God is busy shaking the Church to become the temple she is meant to be, the place where Jesus Christ is Lord, not man, the place where the world can encounter the strong reality of God, not the strong control of man.

Radical dependance on the holy Spirit will be a focus of the work of the Lord in His body the coming decades. He will break down the many things man has built in His name and will show the difference between true anointing and puffed up performance.

The hunger for the real thing is key in the coming years, the hungry roar for the reality of Jesus Christ.

God is busy shifting, shaking, burning the flesh and bringing forth the true glory of Jesus Christ in this world. Like He has been saying for many years: everything that can be shaken, will be shaken and only what has been established by God Himself will stand: All mountains will be destroyed but the mountain of the Lord will stand forever and will be a refuge for those who call on Him.

It is the desire of David that the content of the website iHearGod.com will stirr many people and leaders to hear the voice of the Lord in a new way and surrender everything they know and have been doing for many years, to hear His heartcry for the coming time, to let go of all control and allow Him to completely guide us in new waters, new dimensions of His glory, presence, power and heart.

So that the dreams of God can be fulfilled in His people.

One of the plans of God is break His warriors out of the prisons that many churches are and release them as true warriors into the world, to bring the salvation of Jesus Christ where it needs to be: not on the platforms, but in the bars, on the streets, in the homes, in the schools and the businesses… in the real world.

David longs passionately for the true Sound of Heaven to be released on earth, the sound of God, the sound of the Spirit, that will bring the presence of God in a way we have never seen before. But this requires a surrender of all we are and all we do, in a way we have never done before.

Truly, more than ever: more of YOU Lord and less of us…

Renate, Davids wife, is a prophetic worshipleader who is an open vessel for the Sound of Heaven. She leads the people of God into His presence in a unique way, without any preprogrammed songs, but in complete dependance on the holy Spirit, so that HIS SOUNDS can be released. This brings incredible freedom. First there is confrontation with religious strongholds in peoples’s minds and in the unseen realm, but when the Lord breaks forth, people are released in a whole new dimension of true freedom, where they start to sing, dance, shout and worship in a whole new way, that is pure, from the heart and not controlled or programmed by man, overheads, sheets, or whatever.

The raw, true sound of heaven that is released through the hearts of the people of God.

David and Renate host Sound of Heaven conferences in The Netherlands, where many people have dramatic encounters with the Lord, lives are powerfully transformed and people receive healing and deliverance. Renate has seen the cloud of God’s glory several times, while she was leading worship and they long for much, much, much more…

So that all the earth will be filled with the presence of the Lord, as His Word has promised.

And all this:

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” Says the LORD of hosts.’ (Zechariah 4:6)