You are destined for My love

Encountering the presence, love and power of God and Jesus Christ, through the gift of prophecy
You are not meant to live under a heavy religious workload, My child. You are not meant to live under unbearable yokes in My kingdom. I destined you for Myself, for My love.

I destined you to be like a flower that flourishes and continually becomes stronger and more beautiful, because you discover more and more of My love for you.

This is what I have meant you for, My child, My intense love for you, My deep glory that I want to share with you. I did not create you to be a slave, who lives under heavy burdens.

You are My beloved!

Do not think that you have to pull a heavy load. No, I never destined you for that. That is not My desire for My children. My Word says:

‘Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,
for I am gentle and lowly in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.
For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.’ 

(Matthew 11:29, 30)

You are not a spiritual workhorse.

It grieves me to see that many who believe in Me, believe this lie. I see them burdened under heavy yokes, thinking that is how I want them to serve Me. As if I am such a Father… As if I am a slaveholder. No, you are not a slave, you are a child.

‘Stand fast therefore in the liberty
by which Christ has made us free,
and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.’
(Galatians 5:1)

I want you to discover how much I love you.

I want to show you, My child, that I have a never ending love for you. I am eternally great and full of majesty. And I open Myself up for you, My child, so that you could get to know Me. I open My doors wide for you, very wide… Because I am your Father, your loving Father.


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